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Mod Post: Filling party over, Kamen Rider Ghost, and Yuletide!

Three orders of business today. First, a report on the kink meme's recent filling party: We had ten fills in the last week, which is a cut above usual. Thanks, everyone!

Prompting is now re-opened. Since the filling party went so well, what would everyone say to repeating it in the future? Say, every three to six months?

I'm also going to keep updating the unfilled prompts post if anyone wants to use it as inspiration.

Second: As I'm sure you're all aware, Kamen Rider Ghost is debuting next week! There hasn't been a lot of posting about it here on Dreamwidth because, well, Dreamwidth is kind of dead. C.f. last year's attempt at regular weekly Drive discussion posts -- a lack of interest coupled with mod life problems made that not work so well.

But would people be interested in regular Ghost posts? If not weekly, then how about monthly?

Third: The annual Yuletide exchange is happening soon! Right now nominations are open. If you want to participate, consider nominating something -- but nominations are super limited (unless you use a sockpuppet account to nominate more...) so choose wisely; you only get three fandoms and four characters per fandom. (That's just for nominations. When signups open, you'll be able to offer and request more than that.)

Right now the Rider nominations I'm aware of are:

Blade: Kenzaki, Tachibana, Kamijou, Aikawa
W: Shotaro, Philip, Akiko, Wakana
Fourze: Yuuki, Tomoko
Drive: Tomari, Kiriko, Banno, Chase, Krim, Dimension Cab, Dream Vegas

There's an unofficial, non-mandatory post here for Yuletide participants to report their nominations -- this is not where you nominate, just where you tell other people what you nominated, since the tagset won't be visible until sometime after nominations close next weekend. Someone's always confused about that, so.

Is anyone else participating? I did last year and it was a lot of fun :D

That's about it for the mod news! Thanks for reading.