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KAMEN RIDER EX-AID Episode 1 Discussion: "I'm a Kamen Rider!"

Trying this again. There's also a discussion on the /tokusatsu community on Imzy. (If you don't have an account, request an invite at that link! I'll grant the request as soon as I see it.)

Minor spoilers for Ex-Aid under the cut!

Anyone else get the impression that Mighty Action X was some mega-hyped Kickstarter project? Emu would have backed it at the highest level and followed every single developer update -- that would explain why he knew so many details about it, including the boss's name.
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I'm still very much on the fence right now. I did enjoy the episode, both plot and characters caught my interest, but I don't like Ex-Aid's design much (body is fine, but that head...) and the videogame gimmick felt too over the top, even by KR standards. That whole bit where he run around those blocks just to grab the power up left me kind of cold, it felt like the show was trying way too hard. But I'm hoping as the show advances they'll get better at balancing it.