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A new Begins Night!? "That city's" detectives return.

No, really -- that's literally the title of this press release that Toei put out today. W fans, rejoice with me.

Here's a translation of the text:
Fuuto, the windy city.
In the past, mysterious events frequently cropped up in this city.

Now, again, somebody has begun to maneuver in the shadows of the city...

However, Fuuto has those men!

"This city is my garden. I don't want anyone to cry here."
"Shoutarou, surely you mean we, not I?"

That's right! The two-in-one detective returns!

Summer 2017--
Seven years have passed in Fuuto, and the detectives' story picks up again.

This is not a film or television project.
It's a challenge on a brand-new stage.

This is a new story of "those men" in Fuuto after [the past events in] Fuuto.
It's an official continuation of Sanjo Riku's storytelling.
(It is not set in a parallel universe.)

Just what form does the detectives' activity take!?
Please await announcement of the official title and staff lineup in a follow-up report on July 3.

Well, to those of you who love the windy city.
The slogan is, of course,
"Now, count up your sins!"

So, it's not a TV show or movie. Stage show? Manga? (I will drag my wife to Japan if it's a stage show.)
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Seriously, I am so happy about this news. W is my favourite of the Heisei series I've seen, and I am totally for new material for it. Especially since it sounds like it'll be a sequel series of some kind so I'm really curious about what has or hasn't changed in the time since W ended.
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i should finish W huh