Dec. 24th, 2014

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Yuletide is an annual small fandom fic exchange. The fics have just been revealed for this year and there are a bunch of Kamen Rider fics, so go take a look, and kudos and comment on the ones you like! (It's anonymous at first, so no authors are listed. They'll be revealed in about a week, I think.)

(I haven't read all of these yet, so I don't know which ones contain spoilers. Proceed at your own risk for series you haven't finished.)

Kamen Rider Kuuga:
Until Death Parts Us
(Godai/Ichijou) Sixteen years after the Grongi war, Godai returns from a trip to find Ichijou badly injured, prompting discussions of

This Future Without Sadness
(Godai/Ichijou) Godai wanted to come back, right? That's why he was still alive despite everything, surely. But...

Blue Sky
(Godai/Ichijou) Missing scene at the end of episode 48.

Kamen Rider W:

(Gen) Akiko's footfalls as she moved around the office were like heavy boots stomping. Like something coming to get him. Shotaro pulled his blanket around himself to cover his face. If he couldn't see them maybe they couldn't see him.

Kamen Rider OOO:

first there's the room you can see through the glass
(Gen, AU) Ankh, the rebel twin of straight-laced police detective Izumi Shingo, is on the run from the crime syndicate Greeed and needs somewhere to hide. Who better to go crying to than family?

Web of Gold
(Gen) The bunk bed frame shifts and squeaks beneath him, and Ankh jerks his head up. A moment later Eiji pulls himself over the end of the top bunk, tumbling in a sleep-heavy tangle of limbs onto the mattress.

Kamen Rider Gaim:

Split Apart The Light
(Gen) Mai and Kouta do some worldbuilding.

Up Against It
(Kouta/Takatora) Takatora is revealed to be alive but there's one thing he and Kazuraba have to take care of first.

(Gen) Other people sometimes want to organise your life for you. This isn't always a bad thing. (Features, but doesn't focus on, Akira/Takatora and consideration of Ouren/Takatora.)

River Wash The Mountain
(Gen) Takatora comes home, and Mitsuzane has mixed feelings about it.

Sarapis Tori
(Gen) Redyue prefers that her toy not be broken yet. At least not physically.

Kamen Rider Drive:

Cookie Monster
(Gen) When Kiriko creates a case to keep the department busy, Shinnosuke finds himself in the middle of a wild cookie chase.


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