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I hope this post fits the community. If it doesn't, I apologize, and the mods can feel free to delete it :).

This summer, I visited Toei Hero World. Back them I was not really familiar with Tokusatsu even though I was planning to watch some of them already, but I went to the Aeon mall for a temporary Kuroko no Basuke café and ended up seeing this museum and everything looked so pretty from outside that I decided to go. I'd probably enjoy it even more now but even then I was amazed by the museum!

So well, you can find some better reports on the internet, but I thought I might share some pictures I took anyway (pictures were allowed as long as you don't use a flash)... not a lot since I took several blurry ones ahah...

You get an energy bracelet you can use to trigger animations :D. When I went there, it was a Gaim themed one. Since I went late on a week day, there were almost no people and I could trigger all the animations by myself =D.

And those are from the Temporary expositions. Those are Super Sentai vehicules and robots but I thought it could be nice to share those as well.

There were also game attractions but most of them (all?) are for Children only because of size / height restrictions. And I didn't try the food since I just had a meal before going...
The museum is a bit expensive (1400Y) and kind of a pain to access but to totally worth a visit in my opinion. The museum is kind of small but there are a lot of things and everything is beautiful!

I also went to the Toei Park on Kyoto and met Kouta there :):

And there was a cute Rider Racing game!!

ps: I'm not sure how to tag this entry so I'd appreciate it if the moderators could help with that :).

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