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girlnamedlance ([personal profile] girlnamedlance) wrote in [community profile] kamenrider2014-11-17 08:57 pm

Drive 06 Discussion post!

Whoops a bit late, sorry about that! Too much monster fighting.

And it's time for~~~~ The weekly episode discussion post!

That's a terrible side-effect for a thing meant to heal civilians. What the hell Belt-san.

Shinnosuke learned that the cure is sometimes worse than the disease (aside from not dying anyway).

We saw the debut of Type Wild and the proper use of the Rumble Dump Shift Car since Type Speed couldn't handle it. We saw Shinnosuke regain a bit of faith in humanity that the surprise that a seemingly-sweet guy like the Font-R president being sketchy had robbed from him.

And the most important thing was that Rinna has actually been Drive's mechanic all along! Surprise!

So what do you guys think?

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