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Drive 08 discussion post

Subs here!

I love how horrible both of Drive's weapons are. Rinna, please.

So Kiriko jumped in front of Chase for no reason other than she's a cop and wanted to protect her partner. Chase seems to have some strange emotions about her, though. And about stuff in general. I'm curious about him!

Tomari got a new weapon and it's just as dumb as the Steering Sword. I'm not complaining, mind you. Rinna is a wonderful mechanic who makes wonderful decisions.

Do all Roidmudes need the humans they copy to despair, or was that just a thing 033 wanted? Are they some weird combination of Worms and Phantoms? (TBF, the Worm connection was obvious from the very first Donyori.)

And Type Technic finally shows up next week!
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At first I thought Chase's thing about Kiriko was about her humanity, but as the episode went on it seemed to be a bit more personal. For some reason her actions seem to be making him think about himself. Brain and Heart's conversation about Chase being born to fight Kamen Rider implies that Chase might be younger than six months, which might be why he's not in Mr. Belt's humantimes flashback. I was waiting for Tomari to say "hey dude I'm human under here," but it did also seem like Chase was waiting for him to transform before attacking. If Chase is six months old he can't be 100% human, but it does seem that he has a connection.

I think that was 033's personal thing, but the series is still young.

At least the Door Gun is more compact. The Steering Sword just looks awkward.
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