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Drive 10 discussion post

Whoops, I missed last week. I forgot about it what with the subs coming out later than usual :x

Belt-san backstory! Heart being terrifying! And the first arc that took more than two episodes to wrap up :o What does everyone think?
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So Mr. Belt did not create the Roimude, but he was friends with the guy who did. And his research is partly why they're so dangerous. And why they cause Density Shift, which may help explain why the Shift Cars counter the effect. I wonder how much Rinna and Kiriko know about Mr. Belt. When exactly were they brought on board? Kiriko presumably after Global Freeze, but that's not necessarily true. Did Rinna help with Proto-Drive? That'd be interesting. Did she know Steinbelt (cannot get over how bad his name is) before he died? Maybe at least his work? I have a lot of timeline questions. I could go on forever with them. How long before the Global Freeze did Mr. Belt die?

Mr. Belt also mentioned three leader Roimude. I think we can safely say that two are Heart and Brain, but the third is a mystery. I think it isn't Chase, but I don't feel that I can say 100% that he isn't a Roimude clone of Proto-Drive somehow.

Jeez, Mr. Belt, if you don't want your Riders sacrificing themselves for justice you probably shouldn't have recruited a passionate young police officer.