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It's been ages since either of us mods did a Drive episode reaction post, and for that, we're sorry. Life has gotten in the way. :(

But also: [community profile] tokubigbang is soliciting opinions from potential participants. A Big Bang is a type of fic/art exchange where a writer produces a story of at least 10,000 words and an artist provides accompanying art (in this case, drawn art, graphic manipulations, and fanmixes are all included). If that might be up your alley, go take a look!
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Hello :).
Thanks a lot of making this community. I selected some of my fanarts to share :).

12 pictures from Gaim, OOO, W, Kiva, Den-o.

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For more, feel free to visit my kamen rider tag on my tumblr or the one my lj. The lj one really needs to be updated but I only post logs there nowadays so it may be more convenient to view things in a bulk...
I know many of you probably have tumblr account, so I don't know if it's really useful for me to double post but if it can be convenient for some of you, I'll share fanarts here from time to time as well :).


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