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Title: Ongaku
Pairing: JirouOtoya
Rating: K+
Summary: Jirou liked listening to the mans violin being played.

Title: Fishing
Pairing: MomotarosUrataros, special appearance by Ryuutaros and Kintaros.
Rating: K+
Summary: Urataros and Ryuutaros talk through notes and what it leads to.

Title: In a huff
Pairing: SeigKotaro
Rating: K+/T
Summary: Seig liked Kotaro the best when he was angry.

Title: Stubbornness at its worst.

Pairing: TsukasaKaito
Rating: K+
Summary: Sometimes the thief was too stubborn for his own good.. He had to accept that even he needed to rest when he got sick.

Title: Kimochi
Pairing: TsukasaKaitou
Rating: K+/T
Summary: It would be the last time. They both knew it was a lie.

Title: Crossed
Pairing: TsukasaKaitou
Rating: T
Summary: Tsukasa comments on Kaitous way of sleeping.

Title: Cake!
Pairing: Hints of ShotaroPhilip
Rating: K
Summary: One cake, two men.

Title: I'm melting!
Author: Tezzino
Pairing: ShotarouPhilip
Rating: K+/T
Summary: It was too hot, even for a day in the summer.

Disclaimer for all works: I don't own any of the above characters/fandoms, but please let me marry Hana?
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Title: My Only One
Fandom: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger and Kamen Rider Decade
Characters: Tsukasa/Takeru
Rating: PG
Song: "Only One"
Artist: Yellowcard

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Kamen Rider DCD
Episodes 20-21
"The Nega-World's Dark Riders" | "The Walking All-Rider Album"

What? Character background?!
Spoilers make Kamen Riders cry. Except on Spoiler World, where Kamen Rider Spoiler's Final Attack Ride form is as 'Spoiler Spoiler', a car with a spoiler. SPOILERS. )

Am I missing the real substance to this show? Or... does anyone disagree with my last statement? (I dare you.)

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Kamen Rider Decade
Episode 19
"Journey's End"

I am almost lost for words, but hopefully you aren't.

Cuts often help prevent spoilage, but they still hurt, dangit. )

Key questions worth discussing:
  1. Who do you think is the scariest character in the world of tokusatsu, and why?
  2. What do you think of the general 'student must surpass the master' concept of passing down powers, skills or titles? Could you see yourself 'defeating' your teacher in order to earn something? Do you think anything is worth having to do that?
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Kamen Rider DCD
Episode 18
"Missing Hibiki"

Please, please tell me that this was a parody of Hibiki. I don't think I could handle a full series of that!

Agree? Disagree?

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Kamen Rider DCD
Episode 17
"Grandmother's Flavour"

What did people think?

The episode was somewhat anticlimactic to me.

This cut hides a spoiler! )

I'm particularly curious about what folks think of Tsukasa, as he seems to swing between being a dunce to actually being wise and clever. Bad writing, or a set-up for a disturbing twist at series' end?

Also, does anyone yet have any sort of explanation for how the main cast seem to know what world they're in, and a bit about the monsters they may be facing at the start of each arc? I still can't see that this has been explained anywhere...

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I haven't been keeping up with Decade like I'd like to be, but I'm definitely going to catch up in time to see the movie.


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