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Whoops, I missed last week. I forgot about it what with the subs coming out later than usual :x

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aikatsu! | 34
kaizoku sentai gokaiger | 59
kamen rider drive | 20
samurai sentai shinkenger | 61
tales of xillia | 63
yu-gi-oh! | 13
yu-gi-oh! arc v | 22

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Whoops a bit late, sorry about that! Too much monster fighting.

And it's time for~~~~ The weekly episode discussion post!

That's a terrible side-effect for a thing meant to heal civilians. What the hell Belt-san.

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So what do you guys think?
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25 icons (all in-suit from various stage shows)
+ 3 x Den-O
+ 3 x W
+ 3 x OOO
+ 1 x Fourze
+ 4 x Gaim
+ 3 x Drive
+ 7 x crossovers

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+ feel free to use on DW, LJ, or any other site that uses 100x100 icons.
+ credit isn't needed.
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Drive 5 is out in a flash!

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Over-Time Subs - (Torrent and DDL links within)
(Links to other subs will be added, just comment with a link!)

Points of interest: Drive/Gaim Full Throttle movie trailer in the OP. Some focus on Rinna too, finally, though we won't see the answers 'til next week. Great snark from Tomari too.
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hi! i've got a few icon posts from the past couple of months with icons from w, ooo, fourze and drive

movie war megamax x 18 here
fourze x 22 here
ooo x 34, w x 31 here (spoilers for ooo)
drive x 19 here
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Hi there! Lance here! I am also [ profile] lansupantsu, and I've enjoyed jumping into conversations about what is coming down the road for us in the future (pun so intended).

So this post is fair game of the Wild Mass Guessing variety. Solid and crack theories are totally welcome.

Overall: Pretty solid start. It didn't completely explain everything, but that's a good thing. After all, how much did we know about the other Riders after their first arc? Tomari seems to be settling in to using Drive as an extension of his police duties instead of playing the straight hero angle. Which is kind of an important distinction. Other Riders sometimes only have their toys to fall back on in a pinch (compare how quickly Haruto transforms compared to Shotaro or Eiji). Tomari has lots of other tools at his disposal.

I'm glad to see the "getting his brain in gear" thing get downplayed a bit as he settles in too. The tie-tightening will probably be as much a part of him as Shotaro's wrist flick but we won't always have the moment of lighting a fire under his ass we did in the first couple.

Ep 3&4: HOT WHEELS IN LOVE I'M SOLD AUGH. /cough/ Okay that's out of the way. So I think what has hooked me on this show and Tomari as our hero is the interrogation scene. There is no Good Cop, Bad Cop here. It's straight up "You done fucked up" cop. So far, I'm totally in.

Gonna put most of my stuff about what's coming under a cut because not everyone has been following the latest speculations:
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