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The Ride So Far: Drive Spoilers and Speculation! Eps 1-4, Secondary Rider, Proto-Drive, and Belt-san

Hi there! Lance here! I am also [ profile] lansupantsu, and I've enjoyed jumping into conversations about what is coming down the road for us in the future (pun so intended).

So this post is fair game of the Wild Mass Guessing variety. Solid and crack theories are totally welcome.

Overall: Pretty solid start. It didn't completely explain everything, but that's a good thing. After all, how much did we know about the other Riders after their first arc? Tomari seems to be settling in to using Drive as an extension of his police duties instead of playing the straight hero angle. Which is kind of an important distinction. Other Riders sometimes only have their toys to fall back on in a pinch (compare how quickly Haruto transforms compared to Shotaro or Eiji). Tomari has lots of other tools at his disposal.

I'm glad to see the "getting his brain in gear" thing get downplayed a bit as he settles in too. The tie-tightening will probably be as much a part of him as Shotaro's wrist flick but we won't always have the moment of lighting a fire under his ass we did in the first couple.

Ep 3&4: HOT WHEELS IN LOVE I'M SOLD AUGH. /cough/ Okay that's out of the way. So I think what has hooked me on this show and Tomari as our hero is the interrogation scene. There is no Good Cop, Bad Cop here. It's straight up "You done fucked up" cop. So far, I'm totally in.

Gonna put most of my stuff about what's coming under a cut because not everyone has been following the latest speculations:

Proto-Drive, Mach, and Mashin Chaser: I'm pretty sure Proto-Drive is Chase. The purple (on the wrists, ankles, and shoulders), the mouth guard part of the helmet, and if you look at the portion where the tire would be on Drive, it looks a lot like various parts of Mashin Chaser. We haven't seen Proto-Drive's weaponry in action yet, though we should on the Type 0 disc that's being distributed with preorder Full Throttle tickets rn. We also know neither Proto-Drive or Mashin Chaser can destroy the cores of Roidmudes.

Chase could easily become Mach too, and a big tell is in his name. Mashin Chaser. We know Sanjo tends to put stuff like that in his characters' names (See also: Hidari(Left) Shotaro and Sonozaki Raito(Right)). And he has his motorcycle, and we have seen in some magazine scans hyping his appearance that one of the Signal Bikes he uses looks a lot like Chase's. But at the same time, Chase can put Shift Cars into his gun thing. So maybe Proto-Drive got corrupted and turned to a Roidmude and then saved and becomes Mach? meh, that seems boring to me. I'd rather see Tomari's injured partner become Mach. Though that would also lose us the typical rival relationship you get between main and secondary Riders.

But I'm totally looking forward to what's coming, and seeing what the rest of you have to say. Lay it on me! Just mark your spoilers, especially for other shows.
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I'm glad for at least a token nod to the fact that the far-more-competent female sidekick should have been the Rider. Maybe someday a woman actually will be the primary rider but, sigh, that day is not today. Between that and Tomari's suspicion that the Shift Cars and Viral Cores come from the same place, Drive is looking to be a pretty self-aware series.

I love Tomari, this cutie. And I'm enjoying Belt-san more than I thought I would, after the mess that was Kiva.

UGH YES HOT WHEELS IN LOVE. I just can't. Gah.
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Hot Wheels: Leading the Way

I feel like the obvious conclusion is that Mr. Belt was Proto-Drive, but that almost feels too obvious.

I don't think Chase will be Mach since he'd have to reform pretty quickly, but it's possible. I do think there's something interesting about him, though.

I would like to see Kiriko get a valid in-universe reason that she can't be Drive.
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Are we sure Chase can't destroy cores? I got the impression he simply doesn't because that's not his job, but maybe if needed he does have the ability to do it.