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No, really -- that's literally the title of this press release that Toei put out today. W fans, rejoice with me.

Here's a translation of the text:
Fuuto, the windy city.
In the past, mysterious events frequently cropped up in this city.

Now, again, somebody has begun to maneuver in the shadows of the city...

However, Fuuto has those men!

"This city is my garden. I don't want anyone to cry here."
"Shoutarou, surely you mean we, not I?"

That's right! The two-in-one detective returns!

Summer 2017--
Seven years have passed in Fuuto, and the detectives' story picks up again.

This is not a film or television project.
It's a challenge on a brand-new stage.

This is a new story of "those men" in Fuuto after [the past events in] Fuuto.
It's an official continuation of Sanjo Riku's storytelling.
(It is not set in a parallel universe.)

Just what form does the detectives' activity take!?
Please await announcement of the official title and staff lineup in a follow-up report on July 3.

Well, to those of you who love the windy city.
The slogan is, of course,
"Now, count up your sins!"

So, it's not a TV show or movie. Stage show? Manga? (I will drag my wife to Japan if it's a stage show.)
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25 icons (all in-suit from various stage shows)
+ 3 x Den-O
+ 3 x W
+ 3 x OOO
+ 1 x Fourze
+ 4 x Gaim
+ 3 x Drive
+ 7 x crossovers

Icons here! )

+ feel free to use on DW, LJ, or any other site that uses 100x100 icons.
+ credit isn't needed.
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Hello :).
Thanks a lot of making this community. I selected some of my fanarts to share :).

12 pictures from Gaim, OOO, W, Kiva, Den-o.

Read more... )

For more, feel free to visit my kamen rider tag on my tumblr or the one my lj. The lj one really needs to be updated but I only post logs there nowadays so it may be more convenient to view things in a bulk...
I know many of you probably have tumblr account, so I don't know if it's really useful for me to double post but if it can be convenient for some of you, I'll share fanarts here from time to time as well :).
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hi! i've got a few icon posts from the past couple of months with icons from w, ooo, fourze and drive

movie war megamax x 18 here
fourze x 22 here
ooo x 34, w x 31 here (spoilers for ooo)
drive x 19 here

Icon Dump

Sep. 7th, 2014 07:12 pm
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Here are a few icon sets I've made over the past few months.

Kuuga: Yuusuke Godai (42 icons)
W: Philip (45 icons), Sokichi Narumi (49 icons), Ryu Terui (37 icons), Wakana Sonozaki (34 icons), Shotaro Hidari (38 icons)
OOO: Hina Izumi (37 icons)
Fourze: JK (161 icons)
Assorted others (Kaoru Ichijou, Kousei Kougami, Keisuke Nago)
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title: Four Kisses Philip Got on Christmas Eve
pairing: Shoutarou/Philip
summary: "I didn't have to look it up in the planet library. I love you, Shoutarou."
notes: holiday fluff and other ridiculousness

title: up in our bedroom after the war
pairing: Shoutarou/Philip
music: featuring Snow Patrol, The Editors, Stars & more
notes: cover art, playlist, lyrics and download link in my journal

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Title: Ongaku
Pairing: JirouOtoya
Rating: K+
Summary: Jirou liked listening to the mans violin being played.

Title: Fishing
Pairing: MomotarosUrataros, special appearance by Ryuutaros and Kintaros.
Rating: K+
Summary: Urataros and Ryuutaros talk through notes and what it leads to.

Title: In a huff
Pairing: SeigKotaro
Rating: K+/T
Summary: Seig liked Kotaro the best when he was angry.

Title: Stubbornness at its worst.

Pairing: TsukasaKaito
Rating: K+
Summary: Sometimes the thief was too stubborn for his own good.. He had to accept that even he needed to rest when he got sick.

Title: Kimochi
Pairing: TsukasaKaitou
Rating: K+/T
Summary: It would be the last time. They both knew it was a lie.

Title: Crossed
Pairing: TsukasaKaitou
Rating: T
Summary: Tsukasa comments on Kaitous way of sleeping.

Title: Cake!
Pairing: Hints of ShotaroPhilip
Rating: K
Summary: One cake, two men.

Title: I'm melting!
Author: Tezzino
Pairing: ShotarouPhilip
Rating: K+/T
Summary: It was too hot, even for a day in the summer.

Disclaimer for all works: I don't own any of the above characters/fandoms, but please let me marry Hana?


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