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Kamen Rider Decade Episode 18

Kamen Rider DCD
Episode 18
"Missing Hibiki"

Please, please tell me that this was a parody of Hibiki. I don't think I could handle a full series of that!

The return of so many original Hibiki actors was awesome. Ibuki is my heart.

There was a lot that irritated me about the episode, though, such as Yuusuke calling out to Tsukasa when they were first attacked - he's Kuuga, after all - but then henshinning later. Why not just... you know... do it straight away and help and stuff?

Once again Tsukasa seemed to know about this world without explanation.

The kid following Hibiki was really endearing, which is unusual for toku, where nine times out of ten the kids are whining or absurdly obsessed with stuff. This one is the first since GaoGod in Gaoranger to seem to have any real personality!

I was disappointed that DiEnd didn't get to use the new ongeki-do technique "shiboru-ryuu" (get it? 'cause he looks like an accordion!) but he was also pretty engaging in this episode. I care far more about him and the origins of his powers than I do about Decade. How, for example, is he able to summon Den-O? Is it the same Den-O Tsukasa encountered? If so, why was there no mention of those characters being able to be summoned and controlled by DiEnd?

I'm still completely lost on all the Narutaki stuff. Natsumi saw him and had a quick chat, but again didn't mention it or, you know, call for help to capture him/beat him up/whatever? Why is she even there other than to run, see something surprising, and stop suddenly with her mouth hanging open?

Gah! The show should really be about DiEnd, with Yuusuke following to try to stop him, I say!

Agree? Disagree?

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Please, please tell me that this was a parody of Hibiki. I don't think I could handle a full series of that!

Depends on what you're specifically asking about, but my guess is that the answer to your question is "no". Except for some character differences (older!Hibiki was nicer, Asumu was less apt to express his emotions, Zanki wasn't so quick to anger, Ibuki wasn't so sneaky, and Akira had some loner/asshole tendencies at the start), and the fact that the Oni had always been united in the original and were never separate factions, it was all much the same.

However, it was also paced over 50 episodes, so it's not like you'd have to down a fatal amount of musical battles nonstop or anything, if you're not into that. XD