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Kamen Rider Decade Episode 19

Kamen Rider Decade
Episode 19
"Journey's End"

I am almost lost for words, but hopefully you aren't.

That had to be the most awesome final battle in tokusatsu history. I was stunned.

But... as much as that lifted my mood enormously, the appearance of Ohja from Kamen Rider Ryuuki scared the heck out of me. He is one of only two TV characters I have ever found truly frightening... and he was voiced by his original actor! I actually cried out in shock and fear!

Was he only there to release the giant spider-crab thingy for Narutaki, though, or did I miss something?

Daiki completely stole the show from Tsukasa - which I think was intentionally written in - but sadly, that's not saying much given that Tsukasa is rarely worth noticing.

Key questions worth discussing:
  1. Who do you think is the scariest character in the world of tokusatsu, and why?
  2. What do you think of the general 'student must surpass the master' concept of passing down powers, skills or titles? Could you see yourself 'defeating' your teacher in order to earn something? Do you think anything is worth having to do that?
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Was he only there to release the giant spider-crab thingy for Narutaki, though, or did I miss something?

I believe you're right; Kivala said something about Gyuki not being enough to take out the heroes and got Ohja to help release the Bakegani, and that was it for him.

I guess Shoji Yonemura at least had to leave in ONE Kabuto-ish tactic of dropping something random in, not giving it any more than a cursory explanation, and then never mentioning it again. XD

As for the questions, it's definitely Ohja at #1, and probably Magiranger's N-Ma at #2. The student surpassing the master concept is one I've seen often enough in television and video games that it doesn't really bother me, though it does make me think if I were ever in that situation, I would forever be an apprentice, because how could you seriously be able to beat someone with decades more experience than you at anything, at least before old age starts dulling them? I think the only time it would outright disturb me is the situation here in Decade 19, where Asumu actually had to KILL his master, even if it was a mercy killing.

But again, in this case, he had to kill; his master had become a threat to everybody. Back in the original Hibiki series, apprentices just became Oni when their teachers decided they were truly ready, and if the apprentice had to fully take over (aka take their master's name), it was only in the case where the master was legitimately retiring, and they were taking the name to honor them. Most of the time, the master would stay onboard as their former pupil's backup, whether the former student took their name or created a unique new name of their own.
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[personal profile] arrow 2009-06-07 09:48 pm (UTC)(link)
I should probably quantify that: N-Ma only freaked me out BEFORE he appeared in his final form. He got pretty lame at that point. Prior to that, despite the fact that he sat and did nothing while his cronies argued, he just hit me with a lot of Lovecraftian parallels that freaked me the hell out on general principle.

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