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Drive 05 discussion post!

Drive 5 is out in a flash!

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Points of interest: Drive/Gaim Full Throttle movie trailer in the OP. Some focus on Rinna too, finally, though we won't see the answers 'til next week. Great snark from Tomari too.
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Tomari's snark gives me life.

I kind of wonder how long the entire Special Crimes Unit is going to be seemingly unaware that the Kamen Rider guy who drives Tomari's car is, well, Tomari? Are they ever going to pick up on it or is this going to be like the cops in W never realizing that Kamen Rider drives Shotaro's bike?
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is it going to be as bad (good) as the kamen rider club going "I WONDER WHERE RYUSEI IS!". im excited.
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I really hope so, omg.
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I assume that even once Drive gets more famous and pictures of him do appear, people won't pay as much attention to his car, so if they really want to go the "his team just can't figure out Tomari is Drive" route I guess they can bullshit it that way.
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Machine Chaser in the OP implies a certain level of importance, but we kind of knew that before.

Chase seems to be talking to Tomari as though he's not human, which I find interesting. Does he think Tomari is like him but decided to fight against them for some reason? Do Brain and Heart think the same?
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Taking into consideration the lengths Belt-san went to have Shinnosuke become Drive (have him transferred to the special unit, give him Tridoron... which begs the question "Did nobody on that team find it weird this random detective got assigned to a unit nobody takes seriously and yet given a shiny new car for it?" but I'm not into the habit of overthinking my Sunday morning shows so heh), the guy probably does have something that makes him more special than the average human. We know pretty much nothing about Roidmudes for now, what if Shinnosuke was in fact one without knowing it? That could get really interesting later on.
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It wouldn't be strange at all for Shinnosuke to be something other than human. This is Kamen Rider, and if Machine Chaser is supposed to evoke Shadow Moon (which I think I read somewhere?), I wouldn't be surprised to see him have something in common with Shinnosuke. And his tech is inspired by Proto-Drive's. (And I'm pretty sure the "shin" in Mashin Chaser is the same kanji as the Shinnosuke "shin.)
And yeah, I agree. At the very least, few people can become Drive-- the amount of effort that Mr. Belt put into getting Shinnosuke to be Drive wouldn't make any sense otherwise. Kiriko would've been a much better choice otherwise.

I just can't figure out how Tomari could've become something other than human in the timeline we have so far. And he does experience Slowdown, which I don't think Roimudes do. Certainly not Slowdowns they cause, at least.